15 August 2020 
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About Us

Ansar Financial and Development Corporation (AFDC) is first Sharia Compliant Interest-free public company in North America that is listed on a Stock Exchange.

AFDC has a Sharia and Ethics Committee mandated in its Bylaws that monitors and guide the Board to ensure compliance with Ethical and Sharia rules in its business activities as well as corporate governance operations.

Ethical rules prohibit AFDC from engaging or investing in businesses such as; pornography, armaments, gambling and illicit drugs. 

In addition, Sharia rules prohibit the business/investment/dealings in pork products, liquor and wine, interest based instruments and bonds etc.

Most of the business activities of AFDC have been and continue to be in real estate development, construction and management through partnerships, joint ventures and direct ownership of the projects such as residential, industrial condos and industrial/commercial land development.